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    1.8t Tuning Kits, VR6 Turbo Kits, R32 Turbo Kit

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    1.8T Tuning Kits - Maximum Performance, Maximum Driving Pleasure

    Our professional 1.8T Stage 3 Tuning Kits have been specifically developed for engines with 150 or 180 HP. Whether it's a Golf 4, Audi A3, Audi TT, or Seat Ibiza - we have the perfect kit for your engine. With components like the K&N sport air filter, the aluminum recirculation valve BAR-TEK, and the upgrade charger K04-001 RS from BAR-TEK, you can achieve an impressive increase of 70 to 120 HP, depending on the software tuning and the intercooler. In our testing, we even reached 250 HP!

    Precision and Quality: Our 1.8t Tuning Kits in Detail

    Check out the amazing quality and precision of our Tuning Kits. Every detail has been designed to offer you the best possible performance. sets the standard in the 1.8T tuning sector by selecting first-class components and carefully tuning them. Discover the technology that takes your ride to a new level and be convinced by the quality of our products.

    VR6 Turbo Kits - Experience the Power of the VR6

    With our popular VR6 Turbo Kit Stage 2, performances of 400 to 500 HP can be achieved. Everything you need for a successful conversion, without the hassle of welding, is included in this kit. Prepared for installation are the Garrett Gt 30/76r turbocharger, the Tial f38 wastegate, the cast exhaust manifold, the short intake manifold, six injection valves, and other components. This kit is suitable for all VW V6/R32 24V engines and is designed for up to about 520 HP.

    Precise Technology for Peak Performance: Our VR6 Turbo Kits at a Glance

    Discover the world of precise technology and peak performance that is in every detail of our VR6 Turbo Kits. Learn why our Stage 2 Kit not only impresses with amazing HP numbers but also with complete delivery and easy installation capability. Each component has been carefully selected and perfectly matched to elevate the performance of your vehicle to a new level.

    R32 Turbo Kit - Performance Perfection

    Dive into the world of our R32 Turbo Kit and experience impressive performance. With components like the Garrett GT3582R turbocharger, the digital exhaust gas temperature gauge, the electronic boost controller, and much more, you can achieve performances that exceed your expectations. Our kit is designed for VW V6/R32 24V engines and is completely ready for installation - no welding required.

    Precision and Performance - Our R32 Turbo Kits in Detail

    Discover the precise technology and overwhelming performance that characterize every detail of our R32 Turbo Kit. From the exhaust gas temperature gauge to the high-performance turbocharger - learn why our kit not only meets but exceeds expectations. Each component has been carefully selected and matched to VW V6/R32 24V engines to offer you an optimal increase in performance.

    Performance Enhancement through Innovative Intake Manifolds

    At, you can discover the world of advanced intake manifolds that raise your vehicle's performance to a new level. Our intake manifolds are not only of the highest quality in manufacturing but are also specifically developed and tailor-made for 1.8T, VR6, and R32 engines. Learn how our products optimize air intake, make the combustion process more efficient, and thus allow for an impressive increase in performance. Experience the world of intake manifolds that enhance your vehicle's performance!

    Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge - More Control, More Performance

    At, we place great importance on control and accuracy. Learn more about our digital exhaust gas temperature gauges that enable you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures in detail. This advanced technology not only ensures optimal tuning performance but also provides more safety for your engine. Learn how the precise information from our exhaust gas temperature gauges can help you improve the performance of your car. Order today and click on control to enhance your car's performance!

    Unique Products from

    Our Turbo Kits are characterized by high-quality materials and precise workmanship. The suitable Golf 2 VR6 Turbo tuning for ECU, handmade downpipes made in Germany with V-Band connection, robust turbochargers with sleeve bearing and V-Band, as well as many other first-class components guarantee optimal performance and durability. Maximum Performance, Minimum Effort - Quality, Performance, and Ease in Every Turbo Kit!

    Whether you want to equip your vehicle with a 1.8T, VR6, or R32 engine, is your first stop for high-quality Turbo Kits. Our products impress with their quality, performance, and easy installation. With our professional Turbo Kits, you can experience the power of the turbocharger and increase the performance of your vehicle. Order today to dive into a new dimension of vehicle performance!
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