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    Show 1 to 10 (of in total 10 products)
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    Revolutionary Intake Manifolds: Perfected Solutions for Engine Tuning and Motorsports.

    The intake manifolds for VR6 Turbo, R32 Turbo, and 1.8t Turbo are the result of intensive research and development. Unlike conventional intake manifolds, we offer specially designed solutions for engine tuning, motorsports, and turbo conversions. The intake manifolds are manufactured directly in foundries, where we own the model form to also fulfill individual wishes.

    Powerful Intake Manifold: Optimal Performance for Your Engine.

    Our VR6 Turbo intake manifold is designed to maximize your vehicle's performance. With generously sized channels and a specially curved design, it ensures optimal throttle response. This intake manifold is perfect for the Golf 4 R32 2.8L 24v and Golf 5 R32, with various color options and even individual lettering available for a small extra charge.

    Quality "Made in Germany": High-Performance Intake Manifold for Improved Engine Response.

    Our R32 Turbo intake manifold from Rothe Motorsport relies on quality "Made in Germany". The high-quality aluminum precision casting construction significantly improves your engine's response. With surfaces precisely milled flat, extra-large channels, and the ability to handle up to 750 HP, this intake manifold offers the ideal solution for racing engines.

    1.8t Turbo Intake Manifold: Highest Performance and Flow

    Our 1.8T High Flow Aluminum Upgrade Intake Manifold was developed with state-of-the-art CFD technology. With extra-large funnels for better airflow and even cylinder filling, it can achieve a performance increase of up to 100 HP, depending on the setup. The two-part construction allows the choice of throttle position, and the high-quality aluminum casting guarantees pressure stability up to 6 Bar.

    Motorsport Intake Manifold 1.8t 20v: Maximum Performance for Your Turbo

    Our ATS-Racing Motorsport Intake Manifold for all 1.8t Turbo intake manifolds offers even cylinder filling and higher throughput. With the option to mount the throttle on the right or left and select various throttle diameters, you can customize the intake manifold to your setup. The high-quality processing and performance increase in the mid and high rev ranges make it the ideal choice for demanding turbo conversions. Your Partner for First-Class Intake Manifolds

    At, quality and performance come first. Our intake manifolds are not only technically sophisticated but also customizable in appearance. With various color options and even the possibility of your own lettering, you can personalize your intake manifold. We also offer easy order processing through our user-friendly online shop, which provides an optimized overview of categories such as engine technology, Haldex, exhaust technology, drive shafts, and more.

    Unique Advantages at

    Our intake manifolds are not only designed to increase your engine's performance but also offer a noticeably improved response. The short channels ensure that the intake path is not too long, leading to optimized engine reaction. Moreover, we allow individual adjustments, color choices, and even the integration of your own lettering for a small extra charge.

    Why Our Unbeatable Reasons

    Our individually crafted intake manifolds for VR6 Turbo, R32 Turbo, and 1.8t Turbo ensure the highest performance. Besides the option of an individual color choice, we also offer the possibility to include your own lettering. We lead in turbo conversions due to our long-standing experience in racing and the use of quality products. The online shop is user-friendly and provides an optimized ordering process with clear categories, allowing you to quickly find the desired parts.

    Conclusion: - Your Partner for High-Quality Intake Manifolds

    At, it's all about performance, quality, and customized solutions for turbo conversions. Our intake manifolds for VR6 Turbo, R32 Turbo, and 1.8t Turbo set new standards in terms of performance and enable you to fully exploit your vehicle's potential. Trust our experience and quality, and discover the world of turbo conversions with