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    Aluminum Tubes: Aluminum Tubes for Turbo Conversion

    Do you want to enhance the performance of your vehicle by welding charge air pipes? In our Turbo-Parts online shop, you can find a wide range of aluminum tubes. Due to their high-quality processing and robust manufacturing, they are used amongst others for welding charge air pipes but are also utilized in various other fields. The robust thickness of the tubes and the aluminum as a material ensure a long service life and a noticeable effect in turbo tuning. The advantages of aluminum in tuning include the very low own weight of the tuning parts made from it, the sophisticated look, and the resistance to pressure, such as that occurring in charger pipes.

    Aluminum Tubes with Bends for Turbo Tuning

    If you need a bent aluminum tube for your tuning plans, then you will find variously angled versions in our range. We offer, for example, aluminum tubes with a 45° bend, which offer optimal product properties. In addition, you can order from us aluminum tubes with a higher angle of inclination. For example, we also offer aluminum tubes with a 90° bend and models with a 180° bend in the shop.

    Straight Aluminum Tubes, Connectors, and More

    As an alternative to the bent tubes, you can also find straight aluminum tubes in our online shop, such as the 1 meter long aluminum tube or straight models with a length of 50 centimeters. For connecting several aluminum tubes to be welded together, you can also order from us connectors 80 millimeters long and connectors 125 millimeters long. Also part of our range are the T-pieces required for tuning with various diameters.

    We are Happy to Assist You!

    If you haven't found the right aluminum tube for your vehicle's planned conversion in our range, or if you are unsure about your purchase decision, please feel free to contact us and get advice from our tuning professionals for your purchase. We have set up a customer hotline that you can reach on weekdays. The phone number is 041014809005. Of course, you can also reach us via email at or through our contact form and we will respond to incoming questions promptly or call you back for advice on your purchase. Personal accessibility for our customers is an important part of our service that you enjoy with every purchase in the Turbo-Parts online shop.

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