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    G-Lader - Technology

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    G-Lader technology in the product range of Turbo-Parts

    You can install G-Lader technology from our product range into your vehicle to achieve compression of gases. This in turn increases the vehicle's performance despite the same displacement. This technology was used as standard for some models of VW for a while. Nowadays, G-Lader technology is a popular tool in tuning. By the way, this technology is named after its shape, which strongly resembles the letter G. The different sizes of the blower used in this technology result in different model designations. A depth of 40 millimeters is referred to as G40 technology, and a depth of just under 60 millimeters is referred to as G60 technology. Another version is referred to as 16VG60.

    Various offers for G-Lader technology in our shop

    We offer G40 tuning parts and G60 tuning parts in various designs. This allows us to offer accessories for several common sizes. They can be used for different vehicles. Among other things, you can order throttle valve adapters, 180-degree curved outlet bends, gaskets for these outlet bends, and much more from us online. You should always pay attention to compatibility with your vehicle. We provide this information in the detailed product descriptions for each individual item. Another category in our Turbo-Parts online shop with G-Lader technology offers our products for 16VG60.

    Service when making your purchase

    When you shop at Turbo-Parts for tuning accessories, you can expect comprehensive service. This begins with detailed product descriptions and an easy ordering process. Furthermore, it extends to our affordable prices that we offer for all high-quality items from our product range. Our understanding of service is rounded off by the personal contact we maintain with our customers. Do you have a question that has arisen during your shopping experience on our online shop, or can you not yet decide between different products? Then send us an email to around the clock and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we can be reached through our hotline at 041014809005, where we are also happy to answer any questions and assist you with your purchase.

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