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    1.8T Exhaust Systems - Combining Function and Sound

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    The exhaust is an essential part of vehicle technology, whose individual components can be replaced just as the entire exhaust system itself can be. But why switch to new 1.8T exhaust systems? The crux lies in the direct functioning of the exhaust, which encompasses two important tasks: On one hand, the emission of pollutants that arise from the combustion of fuel. On the other hand, controlling the noise level of the pressure surges. If you take a closer look at the system, you will notice that the exhaust also plays a significant role in increasing torque—and here lies your first advantage in replacing the exhaust system: More power for your vehicle!


    Tuning has long ceased to be just a hobby—it's a lifestyle that elevates the look of the vehicle to a whole new level. Whether for the Golf 4 1.8T or Seat Leon 1.8T—the exhaust systems, with their stainless steel workmanship, are the ultimate eye-catcher. A sports exhaust for your Audi TT 1.8T? No problem at all—because thanks to the various systems, there is a suitable upgrade for almost every car. What must not be missing under any circumstances are the necessary standards! Therefore, in this range, you will find exclusively 1.8T exhaust systems from the renowned brand Simons from Sweden. Before the systems hit the market, a prototype is created by the product development department. This is always directly adapted to the vehicle, a sound test is carried out, and then engine efficiency and back pressure are measured. Thus, fitting accuracy and engine harmony are guaranteed.


    When the engine starts, one thing is an absolute must: The sound must not be scratchy and adolescent. Another advantage of the 1.8T exhaust systems is their noticeable sound improvement. Immediately after installation, the vehicle owner experiences robust and rich sounds that are truly audible! The driver's license and vehicle documents are, of course, always ready, but usually, that's where the tolerance ends. Carry even more papers in the car? You might as well put a folder on the back seat—no, not with these 1.8T exhaust systems. A large part of the systems here have an EC approval and thus do not require registration—no annoying stack of papers in the car!


    To understand once again the purpose of an exhaust system, here is an overview of the processes: The exhaust system is located directly at the engine's outlet and consists of different components, whose function is briefly summarized as the exhaust of harmful gases. Through the one that collects these gases, the pollutants pass through the downpipe into the catalytic converter. Here, the oxides are cleaned and filtered, so that emissions are passed on to the environment in a much gentler way. As a small side note: Diesel vehicles often have a so-called diesel particulate filter (soot particles are stored and not released), while the catalytic converter is responsible for both diesel and petrol engines (here cleaning occurs through chemical reactions). This is followed by the mufflers, usually consisting of pre-, mid-, and rear silencers, which ensure a pleasant noise level. Through the tailpipe, the gases then leave the vehicle—the metal part of the exhaust system, which is often visible on the car and contributes to its appearance.


    Of course, you can also purchase all the parts separately to get the best out of your vehicle— is happy to advise you on all questions related to tuning!

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